Here’s My Story

Leslie McKinnely

My name’s Leslie McKinnely, a long-time archer and proud Kansas resident.

My entire family grew up here, fourth generation.

We’ve been key members of the community for ages, and I found my calling to archery by a simple accident.

I was 27, and my nephew was all pumped up about archery.

Problem is, their school didn’t have anyone who would instruct it.

He’s like the son I never had, so I said to myself, “This’ll make him happy.”

It did, but it also made me happy. I found out that I have an aptitude for archery, for planning the distance, speed and arc of a shot. I was immediately hooked.

But I didn’t know all the specifications, I didn’t know how intricate the workings of a bow were and the science behind it. But I do now.

That’s why I made The Woods And Back, because that’s where we practiced when school was out. He still loves archery, so we’ve found this excellent spot to just fire arrows and chat about life.

I didn’t have a resource like this, and neither did my nephew. I want to make it easier for people with an interest in archery to really have a fair shot at getting it right.

From crazy inventions like the pistol crossbow, to quiver etiquette and back, I’m going to show you and explain to you everything you need to know about archery.

Let’s take this one step at a time, and take care of business.